Furniture Care


Solid wood furniture requires greater care than import laminate furniture. As its constructed from an organic entity, the wood responds to the environment around it. Seasonal variations in humidity naturally occur and will affect the wood, causing it to swell in the humid summer months, and possibly contract in the dry, winter months. In severe, uncorrected cases, cracking or splitting of the wood may occur.

To properly care for wood furniture in these conditions, humidity levels should be maintained around 40% throughout the year. Using air conditioners in the summer and humidifiers in the winter will allow this to be possible. Likewise, furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight to avoid the wood heating up or drying out excessively. Do not place the wood furniture above or in the path of heat sources which could cause the wood to dry out and crack. Conversely, do not place solid wood furniture in overly humid areas of your home, such as a bathroom.

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