Wormy Maple

Wormy maple derives from regular soft maple trees which are a hardwood that were infested with the ambrosia beetle. The markings left behind by the insect create a unique characteristic to each and every piece. The naturally formed tunnels and streaks give the wood a decorative look unlike any other. The quality and structural integrity of the wood is not compromised, and every piece is kiln dried to ensure there are no insects left before building.

Brown Maple

The sapwood in this hardwood is grayish-white, sometimes with darker coloured pith flecks. Brown soft maple is formed when the heartwood has no defect and contains a mixture of white sapwood and brown heartwood. This is best suited for furniture finished in a dark stain. 

Solid Maple

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Select Solid Maple Finishes

Heritage & Brushwork Maple

Both heritage and brushwork maple are different textured versions of wormy maple. Heritage maple is a hand-planed technique, while brushwork maple is a hand applied "brushed" distressing technique. 

Heritage Maple Finishes

Note: Only available for Heritage Maple wood options.

Brushwork Maple Finishes

Note: Stain only available for Brushwork Maple.


The Eastern White Pine is a lighter, soft wood compared to the maple varieties. Knots are a common characteristic of pine, and the wood holds a creamy white or pale straw colour, to a light red brown heartwood that weathers to light gray. Pine is the sole wood for our barn board collection as it was often used to construct century-old barns in Waterloo Region. 

Barn Board Finishes (Pine)

Note: Stains only available for Barn Board.