About Us

Over 25 years in business, we here at St. Jacobs Furnishings have aged as well as our solid-wood furniture. As a solid-wood furniture company that loves wood, we have consistently sought to improve our furniture by ensuring we are only working with Waterloo Region's finest Mennonite craftsmen. Working with craftsmen who've had their fine furniture traditions passed down over generations we specialize in producing only heirloom quality furniture for our customers.

Representing St. Jacobs Furnishings' commitment to quality, all of our furniture is handcrafted solid-wood which utilizes dovetailing construction. Primarily our furniture is offered in Speckled & Vintage Cherry, Oak, ¼ Cut Oak, Maple, Brown and Wormy Maple, and Pine. To guarantee our customers receive furniture built for how they live our hand finished stains are offered in a variety of colours. Moreover, since all of our furniture is hand-crafted, we are able to customize any piece of furniture to accommodate our customers' personal requirements.

St. Jacobs Furnishings also carries a large selection of unique home decor items to complement our solid-wood furniture. From unique pieces of artwork, rugs, flatware, and lighting accessories we carefully select our supplies to ensure both quality and Canadian content. We also carry a selection of Palliser leather, another proudly Canadian company who has been producing quality leather furniture for over 60 years.

Craftsmanship & Quality

St. Jacobs Furnishings showcases furniture that is hand-crafted and hand-finished by Mennonite craftsmen within Waterloo Region. All of our craftsmen have had their skills passed down to them from within their own community. Generations of old world craftsmanship imbrued into every piece of furniture they construct. Due to the wealth of knowledge our craftsmen draw from we are able to offer a wide selection of solid-wood designs, from traditional to classic, and rustic to elegant.

Our quality not only comes from the craftsmanship, St. Jacobs Furnishings also has old world roots in our finishing. All our furniture is hand-finished to the highest quality. Our superior finishing allows the true beauty of the wood to come through. To truly experience the depth, vibrancy, and life in our finishes a customer must visit our store. All of our furniture is available in a wide range of colours and we can also offer customer stain matches.

Due to the nature of solid-wood furniture, each piece is built to order for the customer. Nowhere in our furniture's story is there packaging or a warehouse. Accordingly, each piece of solid-wood furniture is able to be customized to exact dimensions. Speak with a Sales Consultant to discover how we can personalize your piece to ensure it is built for how you live.

Furniture Styles

St. Jacobs Furnishings Co. offers a wide selection of solid-wood furniture designs. Harkening back to St. Jacobs Furnishings' traditional craftsmanship we offer an abundant selection of affordable Rustic Furniture. These pieces are constructed using imperfect wood which translates into furniture that has a well-used and worn look and therefore possesses an incomparable warm. Rustic furniture always comes with its own quirks - a rough edge or unleveled drawer - which ensures its uniqueness for its owner.

In addition to Rustic Furniture, St. Jacobs Furnishings is also proud to offer an exclusive line of Barn Board furniture. Being situated in the heart of Waterloo Region, we are fortuitous to be able to offer Barn Board furniture constructed with reclaimed wood from decades (or even century) old Pine barns. For the intrepid customer, Barn Board furniture is always one of a kind. More than simply coming with its own quirks, Barn Board furniture comes with its own story told through the wood's nail holes, stains, saw marks, and unique graining. No two pieces of Barn Board furniture are ever the same.

A new and exciting product St. Jacobs Furnishings is beginning to offer is Live Edge furniture. Traditionally, our solid-wood furniture has been constructed from wood that has gone through the typical lumber and milling process. Live Edge furniture embodies the natural beauty of the tree by presenting the outside "edge" of the tree along the length of the piece of furniture. By showing the live edge you are guaranteed a natural and unique piece of furniture. Due to the small demand and non-traditional milling methods utilized to product there is a premium attached to this style of furniture.

Finally, and like always, St. Jacobs Furnishings Co. proudly offers a wide selection of fine furniture. These furniture styles, from Mission to Phillipe, utilize all the generations of craftsmanship to produce nearly flawless furniture.

Delivery & Financing

St. Jacobs Furnishings offers its own professional blanket wrapped delivery service to much of Southern Ontario. Our delivery service ensures you get your furniture professionally transported not only to your house, but into the exact location you've chosen for it. Rates for delivery will vary depending on your location.

For the convenience of our customers we typically deliver on Monday & Wednesday evenings. Toronto-area deliveries typically occur on Sunday mornings or afternoons. Our delivery staff are professional and have several years of experience delivering our furniture. Please be kind to our staff by ensuring their pathway into your house is obstacle free; this including removing snow and ice in the winter. Workplace safety legislation requires that our staff refuse to deliver when hazardous conditions are encountered. As well, our own policy is for our delivery staff to not move customer's own furniture. This is to protect both ourselves and our staff. (Finally, due to the health issues, our staff will not touch any customer's existing mattress or boxspring.)

Upon delivery customers should thoroughly inspect their furniture for any issue. Once you are satisfied with the condition of your new furniture our delivery staff can accept the payment of the balance of your order. St. Jacobs Furnishings values your privacy and does not store any credit card numbers.

Customers can also choose to pick-up their purchases from our store. When picking up your furniture, however, we emphasize that customers need to come prepared to properly stow their purchases. Since our furniture is handcrafted nothing comes pre-packaged. Customers should therefore be equipped with sufficient blankets to ensure their furniture arrives in as perfect condition as it left in.

Customers who have opted to pick-up their furniture may pick-up the item(s) whenever we are open. However, customers should note that on Sunday & Monday, due to staffing, we cannot assist you load heavier items. For all customers picking up larger or heavier orders, please call into the store to arrange a mutually convenient time for pick-up.

Furniture Care

Since time immemorial solid-wood has been used in furniture construction due to its strength, attractiveness, longevity, and ease of repair. With wood furniture there will always be slight variations in wood graining, knots, and surface checks. These minor variations are considered normal and serve to enhance the charm and uniqueness of individual pieces. Depending on your choice of furniture style, wood variations may be more or less noticeable. Talking with one of our friendly Furniture Consultants and asking questions is the best way to educate yourself to the intricacies inherent in hand-crafted solid-wood furniture. This is also the best way to ensure your selection and purchase is built for how you live.

Solid-wood furniture requires greater care than import laminate furniture. Having been constructed from an organic entity, solid-wood furniture responds to the environment around it. Seasonal variations in humidity naturally occur and will affect solid-wood furniture. In the humid summer months swelling can take place. Likewise, in the dryer winter months contraction may occur. A typical example of swelling is a door not closing flush whereas contraction may reveal white lines around inset panels. In severe uncorrected cases cracking or splitting of the wood may occur.

To properly care for wood furniture humidity levels in a house should be maintained around 40% throughout the year. This level is generally achieved by utilizing air conditioners in the summer and humidifiers in the winter. Likewise, furniture should not be placed in direct sunlight to avoid the wood heating up or drying out excessively. As well, furniture should not be placed above or in the path of heat sources which could cause the wood to again dry out and crack. Conversely, solid-wood furniture should not be exposed to overly humid areas of your house like bathrooms.

If you are unsure about your furniture please feel free to contact us here at the store, we would be happy to work with you to ensure your solid-wood furniture is passed on to future generations.

Privacy Policy

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